Nothing compares to the Blue Ridge Mountain views year-round. What better way to incorporate something blue into your wedding day than having a Blue Ridge Mountain wedding.

The Blue Ridge Mountains

Spanning six states and covering a distance of a little over six hundred miles long, The Blue Ridge Mountains make up a vast majority of the Appalachian Mountain Range. When planning a Blue Ridge Mountain Wedding there are numerous small town with the best venues just waiting to host you and your guests. Towns like  Ashville, Banner Elk, Morganton, and West Jefferson are just to name a few. Due to the natural beauty and outdoor recreational activity these small towns experience large quantities of visitors year round. They are perfectly equipped to host wedding parties both large and small. From venues to lodging every detail can be planned out in advance and who knows, you and your guests may want to extend your stay after your Blue Ridge Mountain wedding to explore the High Country and Mountains for yourself.

Outdoor Exploration

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers one of the best scenic views in the High Country. Visitors can coast down the highway for a peaceful drive or even bike and hike the nearby trails to wind down from the wedding events planning and activities.

The vast almost 500 mile long Parkway opens doors to trails for viewing and exploring across every mile.  Here are some of the must see’s in each state the Blue Ridge Parkway spans. Take a hike to clear your mind.


Mountain Farm Trail | Length: 0.25 Miles | Skill Level: Easy
Appalachian Trail (elev.–3650 ft.) | Length: 2 Miles | Skill Level: Strenuous
Catoctin Loop Trail | Length: 0.3 Miles | Skill Level: Moderate
Greenstone Trail | Length: 0.2 Miles | Skill Level: Moderate
The Priest | Length: 0.1 Miles | Skill Level: Easy
White Rock Falls Trail Connection | Length: 2.9 Miles | Skill Level: Moderate

North Carolina:

Cumberland Knob Trail  | Length: 0.5 Miles | Skill Level: Easy
Gully Creek Trail | Length: 2 Miles | Skill Level: Strenuous
Fox Hunters Paradise Trail | Length: 0.2 Miles | Skill Level: Easy
Little Glade Millpons | Length: 0.4 Miles | Skill Level: Easy
Cedar Ridge Trail | Length: 4.2 Miles | Skill Level: Moderate
Bluff Mountain Trail | Length: 7.5 Miles | Skill Level: Moderate

These are just to name a few. Get out there and explore the endless miles of trails during the down time of your Blue Ridge Mountain wedding.

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